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Guitar & Passion

With his new project, 'Guitar & Passion', Michael Langer has created some space for himself to try new things. The idea behind this project is to expand his vision of a 'real' crossover to two guitars. The relationship between classical music and Jazz should go far beyond the simple, commercially-oriented tentative attempt to mix those two musical genres. 'Delicacies' of classical music such as dynamics, sound and articulation are to be treated equally to improvisation and spontaneous, wild energy. 

After a concert at the music fair in Shanghai in 2008 Michael Langer and Sabine Ramusch were invited to play a concert tour in China. This tour in 2009 was the moment to sort things out, quit simple trying and put a hand on their vision professionally. Their agent in China solved the only question left, which name to give to this new project. The answer was pretty clear: 'Guitar & Passion'.

'Guitar' stands for virtuous guitar playing and the ability to make the sound of two guitars melt together to one consistent sound.

'Passion' stands for the strong and intense way of playing guitar together. Both of the guitarists try to improvise at the very moment of playing to make the audience feel the spontaneous and passionate energy that has to be found in guitar playing.

Mr. Langer has been qualified as a university professor of classical guitar 
at the Anton Bruckner University in Linz. He was also elected as the 
'best acoustic finger style guitarist' by the U. S. Magazine 'Guitar Player'.

Now you may ask what those two different types of playing the guitar 
have got to do with only one person. Michael Langer knows how to 
make elements such as blues, jazz, Latin, classical and folk music melt 
together to one unique style of playing guitar. 
He is the author of over 40 books on guitar playing and has been 
touring around the globe for 25 years.

Guitar & Passion