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Irina Kulikova

Irina Kulikova is admired for the rare beauty of her tone and the captivating way she tells stories with her guitar. Even at a very young age, these qualities caught the attention of leading guitarists and critics. When she was twelve, she started her career as a concert artist by touring in Russia and abroad. At fourteen her name appeared in Maurice Summerfield’s book ‘The Classical Guitar, its evolution, players and personalities since 1800’.


Through the years, appreciation of her musical gifts has been underscored by over thirty awards, culminating in 2008 with first prizes in four of the most prestigious international guitar competitions: Michele Pittaluga in Italy, Guitarra Alhambra in Spain, Forum Gitarre Wien in Austria and Iserlohn in Germany. In The Netherlands in the same year, she was awarded the Young Talent, Culture and Podium prize and the first prize of the ‘Twents Gitaarfestival’. A year later, as a laureate of the Amsterdam Concertgebouw’s ‘Vriendenkransconcours’, she was invited for an extensive concert tour in The Netherlands, where she made her home in 2007.

Recent awards

First prizes:
Michele Pittaluga, Alessandria, Italy, 2008
Guitarra Alhambra, Valencia, Spain, 2008
Forum Gitarre Wien, Austria, 2008
International Guitarcompetition Iserlohn, Germany, 2008
Twents Gitaarfestival, The Netherlands, 2008
International Guitarfestival of Coria, Spain, 2006





Irina Kulikova
Irina Kulikova